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Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation

CIGIE Training Institute Leadership and Mission Support Academy, CIGIE Fellows Program

Meet the 2018 CIGIE Fellows

Anthony PatlabaAnthony Patlaba is a Special Agent in the Social Security Administration (SSA), Office of the Inspector General (OIG). Anthony is currently serving as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the Allegation Management and Fugitive Enforcement Division (AMFED). He has worked for SSA OIG for 14 years and became an ASAC in 2015. In this role, Anthony oversees a staff of approximately 20 individuals who act as a conduit for the public to report fraud, by way of the OIG Fraud Hotline, the internet, or thru mail/facsimile. Additionally, the AMFED staff reviews criminal warrant information provided by Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to determine which benefit recipients may have relevant warrant information and, as appropriate, refers them to SSA for possible administrative actions. Prior to becoming an ASAC, Anthony served as a Special Agent in the New York Field Division and Head Quarters. In April of 2018, Anthony completed a nine-month detail as the Acting Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of AMFED. Anthony graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications.

Nhi StantonNhi Stanton is a Program Analyst for the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (DoD OIG). She has worked as part of the DoD OIG Special Plans and Operations for over 6 years. She conducts assessments and evaluations on various Department programs to include Arlington and Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Home National Cemeteries, Biological Safety and Security Implementation, European Reassurance Initiative, Organizational Changes to the Past Conflict Personnel Accounting Community, and Efforts to Train, Advise, Assist, and Equip the Armed Forces of the Republic of the Philippines. Before joining the DoD OIG, Ms. Stanton was a Microbiology Research Assistant in Biological Safety Level-2 laboratories at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Beltsville Agricultural Research Center and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. She worked on a bioinformatics project for the U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground, Life Sciences Division, Aerosol Technology Branch. She also worked as a Pharmaceutical Technician at Target, Cancer Research Laboratory Technician at the National Institutes of Health, and a Technician for a Breast Cancer Surgeon. Ms. Stanton earned a B.S. in Biological Sciences specializing in Microbiology and a M.S. in Biotechnology specializing in Biosecurity and Biodefense from the University of Maryland, College Park, graduating summa cum laude. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa Academic Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi Collegiate Honor Society, Women in Bio, American Society for Microbiology, and American Chemical Society.

Amanda AbrahamAmanda Abraham is a GS13 Auditor in the Audit Division for the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (DOJ OIG) in Denver Colorado. She has worked as part of the OIG Audit community for over 12 years. For the past 3 years she has worked for the DOJ OIG. In her role as an Auditor, Amanda is responsible for identifying and developing audit proposals, and leading and conducting audits of various programs throughout the Department, including of the Department’s multi-million dollar contracts. Her primary duties include performing research and analysis, providing briefings to Department and Contractor officials on audit findings, and writing reports to provide recommendations to strengthen the Department’s accountability of funds and improve program effectiveness. In addition to her duties as an Auditor, Amanda is also involved in the DOJ OIG’s Strategic Management Groups where she shares and gains knowledge on relevant topics and challenges impacting the Department and works with her peers to evaluate emerging risk areas in order to identify where current and future audit work is needed. She has also contributed to helping the DOJ OIG move forward and modernize by proposing a new executive summary format for reports that is more reader friendly and in line with how several other OIGs format their reports; as result her idea was adopted and implemented across the organization and is now the format used in all DOJ OIG reports. Prior to her tenure at the DOJ OIG, she worked as an Auditor with the Department of Defense Office of the Inspector General for 9 years, where she conducted audits that directly impacted the safety and security of the warfighter and resulted in identifying multi-million dollar cost savings to the government. Amanda graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Accounting and currently resides outside Denver, Colorado.

Tori KaufmanTori Kaufman is a Senior Auditor at the Farm Credit Administration Office of Inspector General. She has worked at the FCA OIG for four years but has spent nine years in the OIG community. In her current role, Tori reports directly to the Inspector General. Her primary responsibility is independently conducting performance audits and inspections of various Agency programs. As part of her work, Tori briefs the FCA Board and senior officials. Tori is also responsible for preparing required OIG reports. Tori has been a leader in preparing the FCA OIG’s Semi-Annual Reports to Congress, Management Challenges, Performance Reports, and Strategic Plans. Tori participates in internal and external quality assurance reviews to ensure compliance with standards. The FCA OIG uses contracted auditors to complete the Agency’s financial statement audit, and Tori oversees this work. Prior to joining FCA, Tori was an auditor-in-charge at the Department of Energy OIG. In this role, she led complex, time-sensitive audits and special reviews of nationwide programs and projects. Tori is a Certified Public Accountant in Maryland and graduated from Tulane University in four years with a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in accounting.

Carlos PrietoCarlos Prieto is a Special Agent with the Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS), Office of the Inspector General, Department of Defense. He has worked for the DCIS for 14 years. In this role, Carlos conducts complex criminal investigations involving procurement fraud, public corruption, product substitution, healthcare fraud, and illegal technology transfer. In 2005, Carlos assisted with law enforcement operations during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, LA. In 2010, he deployed to Afghanistan and was assigned as a mentor to the Major Crimes Task Force (MCTF) and received the Afghan Uniformed Police Medal of Honor for his outstanding service and dedication with strengthening the Afghan National sovereignty and bringing security to Afghanistan. In 2011, Carlos deployed to Kuwait and was assigned to the International Contract Corruption Task Force (ICCTF). In 2013, he was promoted as a Program Manager for the Technology Protection Program (TPP) and transferred to DCIS Headquarters. In this role, Carlos managed and reviewed criminal investigations that were in his assigned program area. He analyzed trends and patterns in the TPP arena. He provided guidance to DCIS leadership on major developments, significant problems, and resolutions within the TPP program. He identified issues and areas to which the creation of a policy or procedure would contribute to the increased efficiency and effectiveness of DCIS investigative operations. Lastly, on two separate occasions he individually prepared the semi-annual report (SAR) pertaining to the TPP for the DCIS which was presented to congress. In 2014, Carlos returned to the New Orleans Resident Agency as a Special Agent. Carlos has a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Southeastern Louisiana University, a Master's of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University and a Master’s of Arts in Criminal Justice from Southern University at New Orleans. Carlos plans to continue his educational development in the spring of 2019 by enrolling in the International Development Doctoral Program at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Matthew HebertMatthew Hebert currently serves as a GS-14 Senior Records and Information Specialist (Records Manager) in the Management & Planning Division with the U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General. Matt is the DOJ OIG agency expert in Records and Information Management (RIM). In his role as Records Manager, Matt leads the strategic planning and operations of the Records Management program, overseeing all policy, procedures, oversight, and customer service functions. One of Matt's major duties is acting as liaison and SME to external oversight groups and communities of practice, in order to interpret and respond to broad and changing mandates and recordkeeping requirements from NARA and DOJ Office of Records Management Policy, while also keeping abreast of new and emerging industry trends and best practices from peers at other Federal agencies, CIGIE offices, and private industry. Outside of records management, Matt has served as the DOJ OIG Internal Controls Officer and the DOJ OIG Directives Manager, where he collaborates with stakeholders on issuing and revising organization-wide policies and procedures in the Inspector General Manual, the DOJ OIG's repository for policy and guidance. Prior to joining DOJ OIG in 2014, Matt started his federal career as an Electronic Records Archivist with NARA’s Records Accessioning and Processing unit in 2011. He is a graduate of the NARA Archivist Development Program, a selective two-year cross-training and development program with rotational and detail assignments throughout NARA offices. Matt holds several professional certifications including Certified Records Manager (CRM), Certified Archivist (CA), Information Governance Professional (IGP), Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM), and others. For the past 3 years, Matt has served as Co-Chair of the CIGIE Records Administrators Group (CRAG), a community of practice for RIM workers at federal OIGs. He is also an Executive Board Member of the Federal Records and Information Managers Council (FIRM) and the Federal Records Officer Network (FRON). Matt has masters’ degrees in Library and Information Science (MLIS) and Public History from the University of South Carolina, as well as graduate certificates in Preservation and Digital Information Management. He graduated from University of Georgia undergrad with a double major in German and Comparative Literature. Matt applied for the CIGIE Interagency Fellowship Program to gain the opportunity to broaden both his skills and contacts, and to further develop his leadership capabilities. He hopes that the Fellowship program will allow him to further identify and share best practices between members of the fellowship cohort, and the IG community. Matt has worked hard to build a track record of leadership and collaboration within CIGIE and among other federal professional communities of practice. He knows the value sharing experiences and best practices among peers, and wants to continue to develop and contribute to the mission of CIGIE.

Lauretta JosephLauretta Joseph is a Lead Program Analyst for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Office of Inspector General, New York, NY. Ms. Joseph has worked for the EPA OIG for 15 years. She currently works as a project manager within the Office of Audit and Evaluation where she is a part of the Toxics, Chemical Management and Pollution Prevention division. She conducts program evaluations that focus mainly on issues such as pesticide usage, environmental justice, climate change, and sustainability issues. She is also the former chairperson and Black Employee Program manager for the Office of Inspector General Special Emphasis Program Manager Team for 7 years. Ms. Joseph is currently the senior OIG staff person in the OIG- NYC office for EPA-Region 2. Mrs. Joseph is a graduate of Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, graduating magna cum laude. She received her Dual Concentration Master of Public Health degree in Environmental Health and Industrial Hygiene from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her training also includes internships at the Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory in Brookhaven, New York and USEPA Region III Office of Enforcement, Compliance, and Assurance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Joseph also served as a Health Disparities Research Training Program Fellow with the Charles B. Wang Center in Manhattan. She currently serves on two advisory boards. One regarding recommending improvement to the special education system in New York State and the other role involves improving literacy rates among at-risk populations. Along with her husband, Ms. Joseph teaches SAT preparation courses to high school juniors and seniors in Brooklyn and co-chairs the HIV/AIDS ministry at their church. Ms. Joseph with lives her husband, Michael, in Brooklyn, NY, along with their two children, Caleb and Ethan.

James LudwigJames Ludwig currently serves as an Inspector in the Evaluation and Inspections Division for the U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (DOJ OIG). The Evaluation and Inspections Division conducts evaluations to assess the management and effectiveness of DOJ programs. To support this mission, Jim interviews DOJ officials and staff, reviews policy documents, and conducts quantitative analysis to identify program areas that need improvement. In this role, Jim has worked on complex reviews that are critically important to the mission of the DOJ, including the review of the Drug Enforcement Administration's opioid enforcement efforts and the review of the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ use of restrictive housing for inmates with mental illness. In addition to his duties as an Inspector, Jim served as Chair of the DOJ OIG’s Mentoring Program from 2016 to 2018. In this capacity, he oversaw the participation of over 70 staff and held six agency-wide mentoring events, including DOJ OIG’s first ever flash mentoring events which hosted senior officials from numerous OIG agencies. Further, in 2016, Jim was selected by OIG leadership to assist in developing an annual report that identified the most pressing challenges facing DOJ in FY 2017. Prior to joining DOJ, Jim interned with the Office of the Sergeant at Arms for the U.S. House of Representatives. Jim holds a Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security with a Geospatial Intelligence Option from Pennsylvania State University and a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Bridgewater State University. Jim applied for the CIGIE Interagency Fellowship Program because it offers him the opportunity to support the mission of a prominent OIG organization while advancing his professional development interests. Jim is intrigued by the prospect of working with external officials throughout the OIG community and immersing himself in work that can expand his professional competencies. He firmly believes that this experience will benefit him greatly in reaching his career goals of one day becoming part of the Senior Executive Service.

Elva LinaresElva Linares is a Legislative Counsel in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office for the Inspector General (OIG), Office External Affairs. She has worked at DHS-OIG for almost two years. In her current role, Elva monitors and analyzes legislation and develops and maintains ongoing communications with committee staff on matters of interest to the DHS-OIG. She frequently researches and analyzes complex issues important to the DHS-OIG and writes, reviews, and manages a variety of congressional communications. On a daily basis, Elva effectively reports on congressional hearings, markups and briefings and helps develop and implement strategies for presenting information to congressional staff. She works closely with the Acting Inspector General (IG) in preparation for congressional hearings and is the liaison between the IG and Congress. Before joining DHS OIG, Elva worked at the Department of Labor (DOL) as an Associate Counsel/Legislative Officer. During her time at DOL, she was responsible for working with agencies to achieve DOL’s legislative goals and objectives, which included working closely with other federal agencies, Congress, and state and local governments in the development of new rules and regulations.

Jane BannonJane Bannon has over 28 years of government auditing experience. Jane currently oversees the conduct of the Director for Information Technology (IT) Audits for the Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Inspector General (OIG). In this role, she provides leadership to staff that conduct IT security and operation audits. Jane is adept at managing staff that is located around the country; she has managed staff in Washington, DC, Missouri, Louisiana, Georgia, Chicago, and California, including staff that are full time and ad hoc teleworkers. Jane began her career in auditing with the Department of the Interior (DOI), OIG in 1990 after graduating from Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting and a minor in Business Administration. She joined USDA, OIG in 1997, serving first as the manager of a major financial statement audit and then in a series of headquarters positions, including the roles of Director of IT and Financial Statement audits, Data Analysis, and her present position, director of IT audits. Jane also managed the conduct of IT and program contract audits, from which stemmed many recommendations. She has worked closely with the investigators, both while at DOI and USDA, providing the Office of Investigations audit assistance in on-going cases and initiating them, as well. She served as a contracting officer’s technical representative (COTR) and presently oversees the work of other COTRs. Jane implores creative audit techniques and produced audit reports based on data analyses using computer assisted audit techniques such as ACL. She also participated in major initiatives in conjunction with several peers in the IG community to revise the OIG Audit peer review process and, within USDA, developed career ladder and succession planning processes. In addition to her audit supervisory duties, Jane served a two-year term managing the outreach activities for a special interest group. Her career has not been void of its challenges; in the personnel arena or the conduct audits. She has had to take action to release, provide reasonable accommodations, and to prescribe and administer employee improvement plans. Conversely, she also recently participated in USDA, OIG’s mentoring program. Her protégé, during the course of our tenure, applied for and received a promotion while transitioning from one GS series to another and from a nonsupervisory position to that of a supervisor. During their 9 months of contiguous meetings, both face to face and via telephone, Jane identified key areas to highlight through the resume drafting process and role playing and conducting mock interviews. Outside of the office, in addition to being a wife and mother of two girls, she serves as president of a nonprofit division that is part of a national organization and she is a member of several other organizations promoting education, culture, and well-being. Jane strives to create and maintain cohesive, bonded teams, also prevalent in her professional environment. She has initiated, organized, and successfully implemented innovative ways of conducting business and run meetings efficiently and effectively, both personally and professionally.

Bakari BakerBakari Baker is currently a Health Scientist within Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Inspector General (OIG). He has work for the EPA OIG for 6 years. He serves as a technical expert in environmental health science and provide assistance to Directors, Project Mangers, Team Leaders, individual auditors and program evaluators. Bakari also plans the work to be performed within the general scope of evaluation plans established by OIG strategic, multi-year and annual work plans; develop, review and modify evaluation objectives, work plans, scope, methodology, staff requirements and time frames to ensure evaluation project needs are achieved; and he serves as a OIG representative for meetings and conferences with EPA regional offices, other Federal agencies, state and local governments, Congress, the regulated community and outside interest groups. Bakari has also successfully completed a 6-month job rotation to a different directorate with the EPA OIG in 2016. Bakari has held several leadership and supervisory positions throughout his career prior to working for the federal government. Bakari has supervised/managed several union and non-union workers throughout his career. While working as a Health Scientist in OIG, he has received STAR awards and high praises. Bakari has received an Employee Performance Appraisal of Exceed Fully Successful for the last two fiscal years. He has volunteered his time to be a mentor and helped develop a formal OIG mentoring program. He is the continuing OIG African-American Special Emphasis Program Manager. Bakari graduated with his Bachelors of Science Degree from Clark Atlanta University. He completed his Master in Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Public Health (UIC SPH). Bakari is currently a preparing to defend his dissertation at the same school in environmental and occupational health science.

Kristene McMinnKristene McMinn is a Senior Supervisory Inspector in the Department of State, Office of the Inspector General. While there, she has conducted or overseen the conduct of inspections, evaluations, and program audits, served as the Coordinator for Thematic Inspections, and also served as the Executive Assistant to the Inspector General. In addition, she served on a Task Force that provided telephone support to Americans when conflict broke out in Lebanon in 2006. Prior to this, she served as an auditor and audit team leader at the Department of Defense, Office of the Inspector General. Kristene’s inspections, evaluations and audits have covered a wide range of functions including contracting, financial management, human resources, personal and real property management and record retention functions. They have also addressed core Department of State and Department of Defense programs including those to administer foreign assistance and identify export opportunities for U.S. companies. Her inspections and audits have taken her to embassies, consulates and military bases in more than 30 countries. Kristene is a member of the Northern Chapter of the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants. She has a Master’s of Business Administration degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting.

Program Description


The CIGIE Fellows Program (CFP) is designed to broaden perspectives of GS‐13‐15 participants and prepare them for future challenges. The program provides each Fellow a temporary senior level interagency assignment (6‐months) to help develop or enhance specific leadership competencies identified by both the Fellow and his/her home agency Supervisor. These competencies align with the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and would be outlined in the Fellow's Individual Development Plan (IDP). To complement and facilitate the rotation assignment, an Executive/SES mentorship/sponsorship component by home OIGs is also built into this program; to provide executive review of IDP development and facilitate smooth transitions both, into and from, the host OIG for the Fellow.

Beyond the above, the CFP supports the agency’s strategic plan and performance objectives; allows for expansion or enhancement of an employee’s current job; enables an employee to perform needed or potentially needed duties outside their current job; and meets current/future organizational needs in response to human resources plans.

OIG participation in this program is voluntary. An OIG may host a Fellow, send a Fellow, both, or neither. The CFP's Management Team's role is to help coordinate and facilitate agency participation and then evaluate the program in meetings its objectives. The initiative relies on maximum flexibility afforded individual OIG agencies to customize the program to advance their own strategic goals in succession planning, workforce development, and to further the individual performance objectives of their own aspiring executive leaders.

Program Objectives

The CFP provides selected IG community employees with opportunities to expand their leadership competencies, broaden their organizational experiences, and foster professional networks. Specifically, the program aims to:

  • Deliver a collaborative, cross‐OIG temporary (6‐month) senior level assignment opportunity that fosters growth and development, especially in the areas related to needed OPM’s SES ECQs.
  • Expose the Fellows to executive‐level mentorship/sponsorship during the rotation assignment.
  • Expand the Fellows' experience, either within or outside of their current area of expertise.
  • Offer engaging cohort events and activities that allow Fellows to network with peers and executives from other OIGs.
  • Expose Fellows to new operational procedures within other OIGs; thereby cultivating the exchange of best practices.

Program Process and Components

  • With CIGIE PDC and Executive Council approval, a program announcement will be made to the IG community seeking up to 20 rotation assignment opportunities. These would be full‐time temporary positions from OIGs who seek to host one, or more, of the CIGIE Fellows. At the same time, OIGs are solicited to nominate GS13 ‐ GS15 staff who Supervisors believe would benefit from a senior level inter‐agency 6‐month assignment, complimented by Executive‐level mentorship opportunity by the home OIG.
  • The target cohort start date is October 2018, with the rotational assignments ending between October and April 2019.
  • Home OIGs develop, negotiate, and approve the Fellow’s IDP.
  • Approved candidates identify their preferred interagency assignments in order of preference but host OIGs, in consultation with the CFP Management Team, make the final decision on which Fellow is selected to which OIG based on the needs of the Host OIG, qualifications of the Fellow and stated preferences of the Fellow.
  • Host and Home OIGs collaboratively define the goals, responsibilities, training, travel, and other factors associated with the rotation assignment.
  • Host and home OIGs sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining assignment terms.
  • Home OIG assigns an executive‐level mentor to their Fellow to support the assignment from beginning to end of assignment; to include a smooth transition of Fellow back to home OIG.
  • Once an assignment is negotiated and finalized, the Fellow, OIG home and host supervisors, program liaisons, and CFP Management Team, participate in an orientation seminar designed to improve the rotation assignment outcomes and manage expectations prior to the actual start of the assignment.
  • CIGIE Training Institute facilitates a number of developmental activities for the cohort of Fellows to participate in as a group during the program.
  • There will be a least two meetings between the CFP Management Team and OIG Program Liaisons to address emerging issues, share best practices and contribute to program improvement.
  • Host OIG supervisors provide feedback to the Fellows and home supervisors on performance.
  • Fellows transition back into their home agencies at the end of the fellowship.

Roles & Responsibilities


  • Facilitates an interagency fellows program to develop high potential talent and develop stronger relationships across OIGs.
  • Oversees, assesses, and provides strategic direction to the program.
  • Appoints a volunteer Management Team to facilitate the day‐to‐day operations of the program.


  • Complete a Statement of Interest Form.
  • Ensure work transition and continuity in home office.
  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  • Work with home agency supervisor to add fellowship goals to annual performance plan.
  • Help create an IDP with home supervisor to identify the leadership competencies the Fellow will develop or enhance during the fellowship.
  • Coordinate with the home and host supervisors to set goals for the temporary assignment and actively pursue tasks that lead toward the fulfillment of those goals and contribute to the mission of both home and host OIG.
  • Maintain contact with the home supervisor on relevant administrative matters and progress throughout the fellowship.
  • Actively work with the executive‐level mentor throughout fellowship period; including transition back to home OIG.
  • Establish relationships and expand professional networks within the host organization and with others in the cohort/IG community.
  • Document experience for professional use and application upon returning to home OIG.


  • Appoints an agency POC (Program Liaison) to coordinate the program within their OIG.
  • Internally requests, screens, and competitively nominates candidates to the Fellows program.
  • Develops and promulgate appropriate Fellowship assignment opportunities.
  • Reviews and signs the MOU governing the fellowship upon matching a Fellow nominee to an assignment.


  • Provide input for developing the Fellow’s IDP in coordination with the home OIG supervisor.
  • Facilitate induction into the interagency assignment and transition back to the home OIG upon completion of the assignment.
  • Mentor the Fellow during the rotation assignment in a manner deemed useful and appropriate by the home OIG.


  • Assist in developing the Fellow’s IDP.
  • Coordinate assignment of an SES/equivalent to your Fellow. In consultation with host OIG Supervisor, establishes plan for how performance will be evaluated during the assignment.
  • Arrange transition of the Fellow’s work during the temporary assignment.
  • Continue to actively engage with the Fellow and work closely with host supervisor on performance inputs.
  • Support the Fellows’ formal transition back to their home OIG.


  • Provide a work space, computer, phone, and building access and arranges any necessary training or travel.
  • Support the Fellow’s development throughout the entire fellowship including access to senior leadership.
  • Assign meaningful developmental assignments, tasks, and duties based on the specific leadership competencies identified by the Fellow and the home supervisor in the IDP.
  • Evaluate Fellow’s progress throughout the entire term of the fellowship and provides frequent feedback/coaching to Fellow.
  • At the midpoint of the fellowship, communicate with home supervisor on the Fellow’s performance and progress toward goals.
  • Submit final performance review inputs to both the Fellow and to the home supervisor near or upon completion of fellowship. However, the home supervisor always retains complete control and final say over the Fellow’s formal appraisal.


  • Serves as primary POC for your OIG for participating OIGs, and CFP Management Team.
  • Coordinates administrative requirements for incoming and outgoing Fellows.
  • Serves as their agency representative on a Fellows Program Liaison Workgroup.

Program FAQs


Q. What is the purpose of the CIGIE Fellows Program?

The CIGIE Fellows Program (CFP) enables leaders and potential leaders from member OIGs to broaden their organizational experience, expand their leadership competencies, and foster networks. Specifically, the program aims to:

  • Deliver a collaborative, cross‐OIG program that fosters growth and development, especially in the areas covered by the ECQs.
  • Enhance the Fellows' leadership competencies through a meaningful fellowship assignment outside of their current agencies.
  • Expand the Fellows' interagency experience and networks, either within or outside their current area of expertise.
  • Offer engaging and insightful interagency cohort events that allow the Fellows to network with others in their cohort and senior executives.
  • Expose the Fellows to the operational procedures of other OIGs; thereby, cultivating the exchange of best practices.

Q. What is the target audience for the Fellows program?

Participation is limited to high‐potential GS 13‐15 employees who would benefit from a challenging assignment outside of their employing OIG.

Q. Which agencies are eligible participate in the program?

All CIGIE member OIGs are eligible and encouraged to participate in the program. Cohort size is limited to no more than 20 Fellows for the 2018 class.

Q. Will Fellows be promoted because of or at the completion of their fellowship?

Participation in the CFP is for developmental and training purposes and does not obligate management to promote the Fellow upon return to the home office.


Q. How long is the fellowship?

Fellowships are 6‐months in duration. If there are compelling needs, the home and host OIGs may tailor the length of the fellowship, but the duration may not exceed 12‐months.

Q. What happens to the Fellow’s current position while participating in the fellowship?

The Fellow’s position of record remains the same during the course of the fellowship; however, the home agency supervisor should assign the Fellow’s duties to other personnel during his/her fellowship.

Q. What are the roles and responsibilities for the fellows?

The Fellow is to learn and grow from the experiences guided by an IDP based on the OPM’s ECQs. The Fellow should develop the IDP with the home supervisor and discuss it with the host supervisor; complete the work assigned; participate in cohort activities; maintain a relationship with the home OIG, and ensure that his/her annual performance plan includes fellowship goals.

Q. What are the responsibilities of supervisors, executive mentor/sponsor, and program staff?

  • The home supervisor will arrange to transition the Fellow’s work during the fellowship assignment, assist in developing the Fellow’s IDP, proactively seek performance input from the host supervisor, and clearly convey how performance will be evaluated upon return. The home supervisor is responsible for the Fellow’s performance reviews, time and attendance, and other human capital needs that may arise.
  • The host supervisor will assign meaningful work and developmental activities. They will provide the Fellow with a work space, computer, phone, building access, and the travel and training expenses required to achieve assigned objectives. They should discuss the Fellow’s work products and deliverables, as well as provide performance feedback and guidance. They will also provide performance input to the home supervisor upon completion of the fellowship.
  • The executive level mentor role is to coordinate with the home OIG supervisor to develop an IDP that addresses appropriate ECQs and facilitate induction and transition back to the home OIG. The method, style, frequency and duration of mentoring activities is solely at the home OIG’s discretion.
  • The managaement team, will ensure CIGIE policy, rules, objectives, and procedures established for the program are implemented. The program manager will actively advocate for participation across the CIGIE community and coordinate with participating OIGs throughout the program. The Management Team will coordinate meaningful cohort learning and networking opportunities.


Q. Who will conduct the performance review?

The home OIG supervisor of record will conduct performance reviews. The Fellow should work with the host OIG supervisor to outline the goals of the fellowship and discuss those with the home supervisor at the beginning of the fellowship. Agreement should be reached among the two Supervisors (home and host) before the fellow’s assignment commences. The host supervisor will provide feedback to the Fellow and the home supervisor of record periodically, and in writing at the end of the fellowship. The home supervisor, using the inputs as he/she deem fit in the final analysis of a final official performance appraisal.

Q. How will the interagency fellowship be reflected in the year-end performance review?

The host OIG Supervisor provides inputs to the home Supervisor for consideration in the Fellow’s annual performance appraisal. However, the home supervisor is accountable and the responsible officer, throughout.

Fellowship Opportunities

Agency and Office: Department of Defense, Special Plans and Operations
Location: Alexandria, VA
Clearance Level: Secret
Posting Date: July 13, 2018
Summary Description: The Fellow will support SPO (an I&E organization) to improve its capabilities through analysis of organizational structure, core processes, employee professional development, and employee engagement, under the direction of the Assistant Deputy IG for Support Operations. The details of the opportunity are under review, but will help shape the future of the organization for the next 5-10 years.

Agency and Office: Department of State, Investigations
Location: Arlington, VA
Clearance Level: Secret
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The Fellow would serve as a Senior Research Analyst/Advisor to the Assistant IG for Investigations (AIGI). The Senior Research Analyst/Advisor's primary project would be the assessment of OIG's hotline process and development of an action plan proposal for the AIGI regarding any modifications or enhancements. This project will include research of existing hotline structures across the Inspector General community, and providing recommendations regarding the alignment and incorporation of other OIG resources into the hotline process, as well as the implementation of hotline complaint trend analysis.

Agency and Office: Peace Corps, OIG
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: None
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The Fellow will work collaboratively with PC OIG staff developing relationships with CIGIE Legislative Committee membership, members of Congress, Committees and Congressional staff to ensure Inspector General Community interests and priorities are effectively and efficiently represented, communicated and considered by all parties involved in legislative process. This detail will allow the candidate to exercise key competencies involved in Leading Change, including creativity and innovation, external awareness, flexibility, resilience, and strategic thinking.

Agency and Office: Department of Justice, Diversity
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Public Trust
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The Fellow would develop, coordinate and execute approaches to ensure that diversity and inclusion are integrated into the OIG overall mission and strategic goals. The Fellow would lead special projects, to include analysis and program evaluation of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives by utilizing workforce data analysis, evaluation surveys, and other management advisory techniques to identify, define, and resolve barriers to diversity and inclusion opportunities within the OIG, to achieve highest degrees of mission readiness.

Agency and Office: Department of Justice, Management and Planning Division
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Public Trust
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The fellow will focus on new initiatives or improving current programs that directly impact our divisions or that have OIG-wide impact in the business operations arena. The fellow must have an interest in business/mission-support operations that support agency efforts. Innovators welcomed! We are open to your innovative ideas for projects or areas of focus you may have in the mission-support/business operations arena.

Agency and Office: Department of Justice, Engagement
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Public Trust
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The fellow will help develop, conduct, and evaluate surveys such as the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) that measure employee satisfaction and leadership competencies. Analyze survey results and trends to develop and implement action plans, strategies and tools that address the organizations employee engagement long and short-term goals and objectives in accordance with broad agency policies and objectives.

Agency and Office: Department of Justice, Office of Internal Comm & Records
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Public Trust
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: Fellow will have an opportunity to be a key individual in the development and deployment of an innovative and improved internal communications program. Studies and does field work on best practices utilized in other OIG and governmental agencies. Designs, develops, and executes innovative programs and strategies that use a variety of media to foster improved and cohesive internal communications within the OIG that tailors the presentation of information to various audiences.

Agency and Office: PBGC, Immediate Office
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Public Trust
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The fellow will serve as special assistant to the IG to help coordinate Professional Development Committee initiatives within the IG community and other CIGIE members. The Fellow will also help develop PBGC OIG’s leadership and succession plans, to help the organization mitigate and prepare for workforce changes; as well as, help develop an electronic complaint form tool to focus and streamline communications with outside parties.

Agency and Office: USAID, Leadership Support
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Secret
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The CIGIE Fellow will work within USAID OIG's Office of the Chief of Staff to support the Inspector General and senior leadership team and assist both the Congressional and Public Affairs Director and the Communications Officer. Activities could include helping to facilitate OIG-wide initiatives and events; preparing the Inspector General for meetings, events, and travel; contributing to OIG's external engagement with Congress and the media; and expanding internal communication among OIG employees.

Agency and Office: USAID, Process Improvement/Project Management
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Secret preferred
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: USAID-OIG established a permanent process improvement/project management (PI) function in January 2018. The fellow will work directly with the Director for PI to solidify the PI approach, lead a narrowly-scoped cross-cutting improvement project and/or advise project teams on their improvement efforts. The fellow will also be introduced to change management and communication best practices. Experience leading teams and managing projects is highly desired.

Agency and Office: USAID, Immediate Office/QAR Division
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Secret
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The Fellow would work in the Quality Assurance Review division in the area of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). The duties include developing a risk model and profile that provides a portfolio view of risks to be used as a routine part of the OIG’s decision-making process. The opportunity offers a multitude of options for personal and professional development, including visibility and interaction with senior-level management; learning quality and risk management principles and practices; contributing to OIG's continuous improvement efforts; building and honing leadership skills etc.

Agency and Office: USAID, Immediate Office/QAR Division
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Secret
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The Fellow would work in the Quality Assurance Review division in the area of quality assurance reviews of human capital, contracting, or investigations functions. The duties include conducting vulnerability assessments in the areas of human capital, contracting, or investigations. The opportunity offers a multitude of options for personal and professional development, including visibility and interaction with senior-level management; learning quality and risk management principles and practices; contributing to OIG's continuous improvement efforts; building and honing leadership skills etc.

Agency and Office: USAID, Federal Financial Statements
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Secret
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The CIGIE fellow will support this significant change to USAID/OIG operations. As a new process, USAID/OIG will contract out the full responsibility for auditing USAID's Financial Statements as required under the Government Management Reform Act of 1994 (GMRA), Public Law 103-356. Prior to 2018, USAID/OIG's financial audit division performed the audit itself with some contractor support. The fellow will work directly with SESs and audit staff in overseeing the work of the Independent Audit Firm. Additionally, the fellow will work with staff in helping to develop and/or strengthen the processes, procedures and guidance needed to effectively oversee a contractor performing the GMRA audit.

Note: This opportunity will not begin until after the current GMRA season is over, approximately in early December 2018.

Agency and Office: Social Security Administration, Criminal Investigations Division (CID)
Location: Baltimore, MD
Clearance Level: Public Trust
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The CIGIE Fellow would conduct comprehensive evaluations of and propose actionable improvements to recurring management reporting functions and processes over which CID has oversight. The fellow would work closely with the CID Special Agent-in-Charge on a number of identified CID functions and processes and would liaise with senior leadership and other components of the Office of Investigations (OI) and OIG to identify the needs, opportunities, and challenges associated with leading changes/improvements to each. The fellow would also have the opportunity for exposure to the functions of other OI and OIG divisions through participation in senior staff meetings and cross component collaboration.

Agency and Office: National Security Agency, OIG Records Management
Location: Ft. Meade, MD
Clearance Level: TS/SCI
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The fellow will lead NSA-OIG’s effort to update the Records Disposition Schedule (RDS) for all OIG records (both hard and electronic copy). This will involve working with senior level management to determine what areas need to be re-written and coordinating the changes with the NSA Records Management office and with the National Archives.

Agency and Office: CIGIE, Training Institute/Leadership & Mission Support
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: NA
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The Fellow will report to the Director of the Leadership and Mission Support Academy (LMSA), but will also have the opportunity to work with the Executive Director of the CIGIE Training Institute and all three CIGIE Academy Directors. The Fellow’s duties will include significant role in management of the 2018 CIGIE Fellowship Program cohort activities; development of a CIGIE sponsored OIG-wide mentorship program; implementation of the LMSA strategic plan; and implementation of CIGIE Leadership Development Programs, to include the annual CIGIE Leadership Forum.

Agency and Office: Department of Homeland Security, Enterprise Risk Identification
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Public trust (minimum), Top Secret (preferred)
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The Fellow will work in the Office of Enterprise Risk Identification & Management to produce comprehensive assessments of high-risk and problem areas within DHS such as law enforcement, intelligence or immigration enforcement. The fellow will also work with DHS program’s risk assessment branches to identify elements of risk from a myriad of sources, including extensive research, interviews and visits to various DHS components.

Agency and Office: Department of Homeland Security, Office of Management and Mission Support
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Public Trust or Above
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: Fellow would lead, participate in, or coordinate numerous special projects in the Mission Support arena such as HR activities (workforce planning, process analysis, process improvements, and researching systems and tools); Facility Improvements (mobility strategies and footprint reduction, lease actions, standards analysis and development); Information Technology integration (new systems, processes, and activities); Training and Workforce Development (competency mapping and other development activities); and Procurement Guidance.

Agency and Office: GSA, Office of Inspections
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Moderate Risk Public Trust
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: This opportunity involves working closely with the Assistant Inspector General for Inspections to evaluate current policies and practices, develop recommendations for improvements/alternatives to current processes, and lead initiatives to implement recommendations accepted by the AIG for Inspections. In this capacity, the CIGIE fellow will conduct outreach with other OIGs to gain an understanding of Inspections and Evaluations best practices. There will be opportunities to work with staff of all levels to observe processes and obtain feedback.

Agency and Office: Farm Credit Administration, Investigations/Legal
Location: McLean, VA
Clearance Level: Public Trust
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: This opportunity is for an investigator that wants to have a real, lasting impact in the community by assisting a small agency develop and refine their investigative processes. The fellow would work directly with the IG and investigators to redesign the investigative process at FCA-OIG and have an opportunity to specifically address the Executive Core Qualifications leading change, building coalitions, results driven and business acumen. The fellow would redesign the Investigative Manual, logs, and templates. The fellow would also have an opportunity to design outreach mechanisms such as fraud briefings, pamphlets, and posters.

Agency and Office: Farm Credit Administration, Risk Management/Legal
Location: McLean, VA
Clearance Level: Public Trust
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: This opportunity is for a fellow to work directly with the Inspector General and Senior Auditors to develop a risk-based model for audit, inspection, and evaluation planning; assessment of top management challenges; and enterprise risk management. Based on this assessment model, the fellow will work directly with the Inspector General to prepare OIG reports and update policies and procedures. The fellow will report directly to the Inspector General and attend FCA Board meetings and briefings. As part of a small OIG, the fellow will have the opportunity to engage with all staff members and gain exposure to the varied tasks and priorities for managing an OIG.

Agency and Office: Farm Credit Administration, Public Affairs/Infor. Technology
Location: McLean, VA
Clearance Level: Public Trust
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The Farm Credit Administration is a small financial regulatory agency. The fellow will advise the Inspector General to develop an overall communication strategy that can be incorporated throughout FCA OIG products and materials. The fellow would work directly with the Inspector General on a new outreach initiative to create a cohesive message using various mediums. The fellow would specifically create a multi-pronged approach for outreach, including a video about the OIG and work with the OIG staff for other outreach efforts. The fellow will also be responsible for briefing senior officials and working with the Inspector General on public affairs and technology projects as these needs arise.

Agency and Office: USDA, Office of Management
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Secret Preferred
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: Serve as a Special Assistant to the AIG for Management in one of four divisions (Human Resources, Administrative Services, Financial Management, and Information Technology). Specific projects may include developing vehicle to manage large scale project impacting multiple business operations, assisting with the roll out of a new performance management system, involvement with preparation of the FY 2020 budget and co-leading organization wide initiatives.

Agency and Office: USDA, Office of Data Sciences
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Public Trust
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The Office of Data Science (ODS) is charged with supporting the mission and administrative functions of the OIG utilizing all aspects of data analytics. The fellowship opportunity allows the individual to significantly contribute to the development of new and revision of current ODS policies and procedures. It also provide opportunity to build coalitions within the OIG data analytics community.

Agency and Office: AbilityOne Commission
Location: Alexandria, VA or Arlington, VA
Clearance Level: Public Trust
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The Fellow would lead/participate/coordinate numerous special projects in the Mission Support arena, including budgeting, auditing, investigations, HR activities, or procurement. The Fellow will meet regularly with IG, Counsel, and AIGs to obtain feedback and brainstorm about mission support services, perceived gaps, areas for improvement, etc. The Fellow is encouraged to formulate and implement his/her ideas and strategies for additionally strengthening the impact of the newly created AbilityOne OIG.

Agency and Office: Department of Energy, Office of Audits
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: N/A
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: This opportunity is in the Office of Audits and Inspections. The fellow would work with the Director, Planning, Administration, and Quality Assurance and the Assistant Inspector General for Audits and Administration to help update and identify a more efficient process for policies and procedures within the Office. Additionally, the Office of Audits and Inspections would like to revamp its training procedures for staff and is looking to identify best practices used throughout the OIG community, specifically focused on bringing course development in-house.

Agency and Office: Department of Energy, Office of Investigations
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: N/A
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: This opportunity is in the Office of Investigations (OI). The fellow would work directly with the Special Agent-in-Charge of Headquarters Operations and the rest of the OI leadership team to help institute change within OI with the implementation of new policies and participate in internal quality assurance reviews. OI is in the process of revising the Investigations Manual, with an expected issuance date of October 1, 2018. Specific tasks would include working with the leadership team to communicate the policy changes, evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation, and participate in internal quality assurance reviews.

Agency and Office: U.S. Office of Special Counsel, Investigation and Prosecution
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: N/A
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: This leadership opportunity involves working closely with senior management to strategically address the impact of several agency transitions, including the transition to an electronic case management system and the consolidation of program functions. The CIGIE fellow will serve as an advisor to an SES, Associate Special Counsel (ASC) for Investigation and Prosecution and other senior leaders on the management team for program mission matters.

Agency and Office: Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Investigations
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: N/A
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: This is a unique opportunity to help build an investigations program at a foundational level. The fellow may assist with: (1) the implementation of a recently acquired CMS and new AI-enhanced document review system, as well as developing templates for some of our more common types of investigations for long-term use; (2) drafting initial policies and procedures necessary to pass a voluntary investigative peer review; and, (3) assisting with numerous ongoing investigations etc. Experience, patience, ability to multi-task, and innovative thinking all welcome and necessary.

Agency and Office: Smithsonian, Office of Audits
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Public Trust
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: This leadership opportunity will work closely with senior management to strategically address high-impact, high-visibility goals and develop creative and innovative solutions for management challenges, while developing select ECQs. This fellowship will emphasize the ECQs of Results Driven and Business Acumen. This fellowship will be an opportunity to work with staff and management in Smithsonian's small (20 person) OIG where the fellow can obtain an overview of multiple OIG functions in a shorter time than would be possible in a larger OIG office.

Agency and Office: Smithsonian, Audit & Investigations
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Public Trust
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The fellow will work with the Office of Audit's management to develop a fiscal year (FY) 2019 Top Management Challenges report. Using ongoing and completed OIG work, the fellow will identify the most critical, systemic issues of concern for FY2019, including their impact on safety, documented vulnerabilities, large dollar implications, and the ability of the Smithsonian's leadership to effect change. Working with the Office of Investigations management, the fellow will ensure the investigative office is in full compliance with current CIGIE and U.S. Attorney's standards of investigative excellence, as well as identify and correct deficiencies that may be identified within the OIG's investigative manual, etc.

Agency and Office: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Audits & Evaluations and IT Audits & Cyber
Location: Arlington, VA
Clearance Level: Public Trust or Above
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: The FDIC OIG would benefit from a competency process that ensures the organization collectively has knowledge, skills, and experience to perform audits, evaluations, and reviews that are relevant and timely and in accordance with the highest professional standards and best practices. The Fellow would work with senior OIG executives to draft guidance that: (i) assesses current competencies and desired goals (that align with risks and organizational priorities); (ii) recommends proposals to develop the required skills; and (iii) establishes mechanisms and metrics for evaluating progress in meeting and sustaining these goals. The Fellow will also work on various other projects related to the management of audits and evaluations for the Office.

Agency and Office: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Office of Management
Location: Arlington, VA
Clearance Level: Public Trust or Above
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: This opportunity involves working closely with senior OIG executives to lead Office-wide strategic and operational initiatives critical to the direction and success of the OIG. The Fellow would work to update and refine component office strategic plans that align with the overall mission of the OIG and its Guiding Principles. The goal will be to develop performance measurement products that bolster strategic alignment and employee engagement. The CIGIE Fellow will assist OIG executives in improving mechanisms and performance metrics to ensure meaningful measurement of performance and accomplishments for the OIG.

Agency and Office: Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Evaluation
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Public Trust
Posting Date: July 11, 2018
Summary Description: This fellow would serve as the Special Assistant to the Assistant Inspector General for Evaluation (AIGE). The AIGE is responsible for program and information technology evaluations, data analytics, strategic planning, enterprise risk management, and OIG-wide quality assurance. The Special Assistant would assist the AIGE in coordination and execution of these functions across the Office of Evaluation and the OIG. Assignments may include special projects or in-depth participation in one, several, or all of the AIGE's functional areas.

Agency and Office: Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Legal Counsel
Location: Washington, DC
Clearance Level: Public Trust
Posting Date: July 26, 2018
Summary Description: Fellow will join the HUD OIG Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) which provides legal advocacy, counsel, and support to the Inspector General and OIG's various components, such as the Offices of Investigation, Audit, Evaluations, Information Technology, and Management. Fellow would join the legal team and support OLC in ensuring all components comply with applicable laws and regulations. In addition to the host agency, HUD, OLC also works closely with outside organizations that include the Department of Justice, state and local law enforcement agencies, the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency and the Office of Management and Budget.

CFP Liaison Resources

Matching a nominee with a fellowship assignment involves several steps requiring coordination between the home and host OIGs, and CIGIE Fellows Program CFP Management Team.

Upon being nominated, employees will rank, in order of preference the top 5 available assignments they qualify for. Some assignments may have special qualification requirements such as security clearances, medical requirements, etc. An OIG employee’s nomination to the Fellowship program by their home OIG does not guarantee placement in any particular fellowship assignment. Adapting to change and mobility within and between agencies are desirable senior executive attributes. OIG employees accepting a nomination into the CFP are expected to accept a fellowship assignment offered by a hosting OIG.

Hosting OIGs will review all Fellowship nominee packets, conduct interviews as necessary and tender placement offers through the CFP management team to the nominee’s Home OIG. Hosting OIGs will have final discretion on accepting or rejecting any particular nominee. The CFP Management Team will, through due diligence, attempt to facilitate the placement of all nominees into an assignment taking into consideration, to the extent practical, the nominees stated preferences.

Home OIG Program Liaison:

  • Direct each nominee to view current fellowship opportunities at the CFP’s “Fellow Opportunities” webpage (to be provided later) and rank in order of preference their top 5.
  • Submit each nominee’s statement of interest, resume, and other supporting documentation (if required) to the CFP Management Team.
  • Coordinate with the Host OIG Program Liaisons throughout the entire matching process to set up interviews when requested by the Hosting OIG.
  • Coordinate with Host OIG Program Liaison to finalize MOUs for finalized accepted offers.

Host OIG Program Liaison:

  • Receive each qualified nominee’s statements of interest, resume, and supporting documentation from the CFP Management Team.
  • Review, rank, and submit a certificate of selectees to the CFP Management Team for each assignment.
  • Coordinate with each nominee’s Home OIG Program Liaison to set up interviews when required.
  • Notify the CFP Management Team of scheduled interviews and meeting dates.
  • Coordinate with Host OIG Program Liaison to finalize MOUs for finalized accepted offers.

If you need further assistance matching a nominee to a fellowship, please contact the CFP Program Management at


Latest News and Updates

Meet the 2017 CIGIE Fellows

Adeline AgbedoAdeline Agbedo is a senior auditor with the Department of Energy – Office of Inspector General (DOE-OIG), Germantown Audit Group. As part of the DOE-OIG team, she aims to inspire public confidence in the integrity and security of agency programs by conducting reviews, audits and evaluations that promote the economy and efficiency of DOE and National Nuclear Security Administration’s programs and operations. Her division conducts performance audits of the Department’s corporate level programs and operations and develops risk assessment reports for certain risk areas, including project, contract and procurement management.

Adeline performs audits and evaluations of the Department’s programs and operations in accordance with OIG policies/procedures and auditing standards. Her responsibilities include, ensuring the appropriateness of the data gathered, analytical method employed, reasonableness of audit conclusions and observations; and communicating the audit observations or findings in a concise and clear manner, etc. She is always looking for ways to effect positive change and audits/evaluations of program effectiveness and efficiency is one of the many ways she’s been able to impact agency operations. In addition, living in different continents as a military spouse, has helped hone her ability to work with individuals from all works of life and she has a knack for effectively communicating program goals and gaining consensus that deliver results, no matter the project. Adeline received her B.S in Accounting, with honors, from National University and a MBA from University of Maryland University College. This will be Adeline’s first experience as a Fellow and hopes that the Fellowship will help develop her ability to act as a catalyst for organizational change.

Placement: Social Security Administration OIG

Joseph AiosaJoseph Aiosa is a Special Agent in the Social Security Administration, Office of the Inspector General (SSA/OIG). Joseph began his federal law enforcement career 23 years ago with the U.S. Secret Service and was assigned in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C. For the past 17 years, Joseph has held various positions with SSA/OIG, most recently assigned as the Assistant to the Special Agent-in-Charge in the Cooperative Disability Investigations Division. In this capacity, he oversaw 39 Cooperative Disability Investigations (CDI) units covering 33 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. During his tenure, the CDI Program has grown by 11 CDI units and 5 states. In 2017, Joseph received the Assistant Inspector General’s Award and SSA Deputy Commissioner for Operations Award. Joseph received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the University of Baltimore.

Placement: U.S. Agency for International Development OIG

Ronald AndersonRonald Anderson is an Audit Manager in the Social Security Administration (SSA), Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Office of Quality Assurance and Professional Responsibility. He has worked for the SSA-OIG for 14 years and became an Audit Manager in June 2015. In this role, Ronald conducts exhaustive functional reviews of OIG offices to ensure compliance with Federal laws and regulations, policies, and relevant professional standards. He also oversees reviews to ensure that the OIG is performing audits, investigations, legal and administrative work in accordance with applicable professional standards. Lastly, Ronald ensures each component has strong employee morale and customer service. He reports directly to the Inspector General and Chief of Staff. Prior to becoming an Audit Manager, Ronald served as a Senior Auditor in the OIG Financial Audit Division. Additionally, in September of 2014, Ronald had the opportunity to serve a 7-month detail in SSA’s Office of Data Exchange and Policy Publications. Prior to joining SSA, Ronald was an Experienced Senior Consultant for Arthur Andersen (later Protiviti Consulting). In this role, he performed process risk evaluations and internal audit activities. Ronald is married with an 11-year-old son, graduated from Morgan State University with a degree in Accounting, and serves as an Assistant Pastor at his church.

Placement: Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation OIG

Kristopher DixonKristopher Brash Dixon currently serves as a GS-13 Inspector (Program Analyst) in the Evaluation and Inspections Division with the U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General. He is responsible for examining issues throughout the Department of Justice and providing recommendations for needed improvements. His primary duties include representing the Office of the Inspector General during the course of program reviews, qualitative and quantitate analysis, and providing relevant information to management to assist in the decision making process. Based on feedback received from staff, he has worked with management in the Evaluation and Inspections Division to address employee engagement.

Before his tenure at the Office of the Inspector General, Mr. Brash Dixon served as an intern for the Defense Intelligence Agency and the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security. He received both his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Political Science from Howard University. As a student at Howard University, Mr. Brash Dixon oversaw the operations of a college dormitory housing 200 students and managed 10 professional and student staff members.

Mr. Brash Dixon applied for the CIGIE Interagency Fellowship Program to gain the opportunity to broaden his skills and further develop his leadership capabilities. He hopes that the Fellowship program will allow him to identify and share best practices between members of the fellowship cohort, and the IG community. He knows that collaborating with members of other OIGs will help in further developing the mission of CIGIE. It will enable him to leverage his knowledge and experience, with the knowledge and experience of others in the cohort in order to further grow in his career.

Mr. Brash Dixon experience has taught him to “Strive for Excellence” in all that he does. He believes his past experience has shown him that with determination and the write tools he can overcome any obstacle. This fellowship will help provide him the tools to further his career and continue to be an asset for an organization.

Placement: Department of Defense OIG

Fara DamelinFara Damelin currently serves as Director, Office of Investigations Legal Division for the National Science Foundation Office of Inspector General (NSF OIG), and has been an Investigative Attorney with NSF OIG since August 2003. In addition to supervising a staff of seven investigative attorneys, she is responsible for investigating allegations of civil, criminal, and administrative wrongdoing related to NSF programs and operations, including theft and misuse of NSF grant funds, and for referring matters to the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) for civil and criminal prosecution. As part of NSF OIG outreach efforts, Ms. Damelin has provided numerous presentations to grant recipients, professional organizations, and university groups on the IG mission, responsible treatment of federal funds, fraud schemes identified in small business grant programs, and the significant benefits of voluntary compliance programs at recipient institutions. She also serves as an adjunct instructor for the Inspector General Academy, and provides grant fraud training and outreach to the DOJ and IG communities. Prior to joining the NSF OIG staff, Ms. Damelin served for eight years as an employment attorney in the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the General Counsel, representing that agency in discrimination complaints before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and adverse action appeals before the Merit Systems Protection Board. Ms. Damelin received a BA in Political Science from SUNY Binghamton in 1991, and received her JD from the George Washington University National Law Center in 1994. She has been a Certified Fraud Examiner since 2008.

Placement: General Services Administration OIG

Christie DeskiewiczChristie Deskiewicz currently serves as a GS 13 Contracting Officer (CO) in the Management and Planning Division for the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (OIG). In her role as CO, Christie is responsible for providing technical advice and guidance on federal procurement regulations, policies, and procedures, and performs all aspects of contracting transactions for OIG requirements, including developing procurement strategies, preparing solicitation packages, evaluating proposals, negotiating terms and conditions, and managing resulting contracts. In addition to her duties as a CO, Christie is also a representative of the Department of Justice in the Executive Office of Management and Budget’s Acquisition Innovation Council, where representatives from Agencies across the Federal Government discuss new, improved, or underutilized acquisition strategies that may potentially reduce delivery time, lower transaction costs, and increase access to innovative contractors which can better enable federal agencies to carry out their missions.

Christie applied for the CIGIE Interagency Fellowship Program because she aims to push herself out of her comfort zone and submerge herself in thought-provoking projects. Christie knows that in persistently placing herself in diverse and challenging roles, she will continue to learn unique and valuable lessons which she can apply as she moves forward in her career. Christie also hopes to learn and develop innovative ideas from other CIGIE fellows of different career backgrounds, as well as the experienced leaders that she will have the opportunity to interact with. She feels that this experience will be irreplaceable in her long term goal to become part of the Senior Executive Service.

Christie has a Master of Business Administration with concentrations in Accounting and I.T. Management, and also just successfully completed her law degree while working full time as a Contracting Officer, often taking lead on, and managing contracts valued over $100 Million. During this time, she also took on multiple legal internships and special projects geared toward creating efficiencies in the federal government’s procurement process. She looks at her experience as an amazing developmental opportunity because it was often challenging, diverse, and mission critical. She believes that the Fellowship will be a great next step as she looks to develop herself further.

Placement: Securities and Exchange Commission OIG

Christine FagiolettiChristine Fagioletti currently serves as a GS-13 Program Analyst as part of the Medical Assessment Division with The Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General, Special Plans and Operations. Her division works to evaluate healthcare and public health initiatives that serve the warfighter. One responsibility of her role is to serve as the executive officer for project teams. To fulfill this duty she has contributed to project design, coordination of site visits, creation of work papers, program evaluation, data analysis, and development of findings and recommendations. Her achievements in this role include a CIGIE Award for Excellence as part of the DoDSER Data Quality Assessment Team, 2015, and the Deputy Inspector General for Special Plans and Operations, Annual Award for Individual Special Achievement, 2014.

Christine applied for the CIGIE Interagency Fellowship Program because she wants to gain a broader understanding of impacts the oversight community has across the federal government, and how effective leadership can enable oversight agencies to meet their mission.

Christine says, "I have worked toward my goal of advancing health policy and public health by working to improve the effectiveness of health and healthcare systems. I hope to gain a broader understanding of other areas in the oversight community, and how they use oversight as an agent to improve effectiveness in the federal government through the CIGIE Interagency Fellowship Program. During the fellowship I hope to develop skills such as how to be an agent for change, hone my business acumen, and learn best practices in leading others in order to prepare me for future leadership opportunities in the oversight community."

Placement: Department of State OIG

Nichole FlemingNichole Fleming currently serves as a GS-14-1811, Special Agent of the Investigations Division with the Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General, Washington Field Office. She is responsible for utilizing specialized investigative skills to plan, conduct and document quality, timely investigations that are complete and thorough. Her division serves as the investigative arm of the OIG, responsible for investigating alleged violations of fraud, abuse, and integrity laws that govern DOJ employees, operations, grantees, and contractors. Investigations Division Special Agents develop cases for criminal prosecution, civil, or administrative action. She prepares and edits Reports of Investigation, Memoranda of Investigation, applications for search and seizure warrants, applications for IG subpoenas and Procedural Reform Recommendations. Her primary duties involve conducting interviews; collecting physical, documentary and electronic evidence; conducting research and database queries in support of investigations; executing arrest warrants; and testifying before grand juries and other court proceedings.

Nichole has applied for the CIGIE Interagency Fellowship Program to further develop her leadership and management skills and to increase her knowledge of the overall federal government.

By interacting with leaders, employees and the missions of other agencies through the CIFP, Nichole believes she will gain a broader understanding of a wider range of methods for leading people, developing coalitions and achieving results. This increased understanding will contribute to her further development in gaining more of a "big picture" perspective. Additionally, it would allow her to share that knowledge and experience with other members of the DOJ/OIG through her increased abilities to be an informal or formal leader or mentor.

Placement: U.S. Agency for International Development OIG

Mark GrayMark Gray started his career with the Social Security Administration, Office of the Inspector General ten years ago as a Special Agent. During his career at SSA/OIG, Mark served as the Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge for the Office of Quality Assurance and Professional Review. Mark was also part of several multi-agency task forces in the Baltimore-Washington area. Currently he serves as a Criminal Investigator in the Washington Field Office and regional instructor for SSA/OIG.

Mark began his federal career as a Presidential Management Fellow (PMF). As a PMF, Mark completed several developmental rotations and attended numerous leadership courses. During his rotational assignments, Mark assisted in analyzing the federal response to Hurricane Katrina, served as a project officer for the construction and security implementation of off-site data back-up centers, and created and reviewed Memorandums of Understanding with federal, state, and local agencies.

Prior to being a federal employee, Mark was a Police Officer in Southeast North Carolina. While he was there, Mark attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington under-graduate and graduate school and earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s in Public Administration.

Placement: Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency

David HuffDavid Huff currently serves as a GS-14 Team Leader on the Nuclear Team in the Intelligence and Special Program Assessments Component of the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General. David is responsible for leading team efforts to evaluate the Department of Defense, the military Services, and supporting agencies in achieving the national strategy for nuclear weapon employment. The umbrella of coverage provided by David and his team encompasses all Department of Defense nuclear systems, nuclear procedures, nuclear personnel, and nuclear capabilities that make up the Department of Defense nuclear enterprise.

David analyzes the Department of Defense nuclear enterprise and reports on Department of Defense’s ability to sustain an aging deterrent force. David also analyzes Department of Defense efforts to modernize the nuclear weapon delivery systems; early warning of attack, and the command and control systems needed for an effective nuclear deterrent. During the course of his career, he has examined the majority of nuclear weapons systems and the required supporting infrastructure. David’s primary duties involve data collection and analysis, writing, editing, and briefing reports at the senior official level. His work transcends the Department of Defense; his on-going project includes collaboration with the Departments of State and Energy, as well as the intelligence community.

David applied for the CIGIE Interagency Fellowship Program because he wants to broaden his knowledge beyond that of the Department of Defense. David wants to experience work outside of the Department of Defense and experience a different corporate culture first hand. He has a desire to understand organizational financial processes, justifications, and the administration of the budget to achieve organizational goals. David wants the opportunity to see project execution from a more macro level, and the managerial and leadership skills that contribute to success in addition to the actual project execution. David applied to this program to experience firsthand how another government agency functions, achieves goals, and adds value to the oversight community. Finally, many of the topics or programs he has evaluated are programs that required a steep learning curve. He educated himself on the topic, discovered the heart of the problem and made meaningful recommendations. He would like to use his problem solving skills in a different environment to improve his overall leadership capabilities.

David has not had past fellowship experience. He believes this fellowship will help improve his management and leadership skills thus contributing more to the oversight community. David has worked under the rigors of the DoD for over 15 years. He would like to see and experience government oversight from a different perspective. Finally, David would like to apply his experience and contribute to the success of another government agency within the oversight community.

Placement: Department of Homeland Security OIG

Alex Rzasa currently serves in the Office of the Inspector General for the Social Security Administration, and his foremost interest is law enforcement cybersecurity. Earlier in his Federal career, Alex also protected our nation’s Social Security safety net by assisting with the appellate operations of one of the world’s largest public insurance benefits programs. During prior practice as an attorney, he zealously defended the interests of local non-profit organizations and businesses, both by litigating and by helping clients create forward-thinking risk management strategies. In addition to his private sector IT work, Alex has applied his technical and legal knowledge at the Maryland General Assembly, where he assisted lawmakers from both parties by drafting legislation, providing policy research and analysis, and staffing the Joint Technology Oversight Committee as well as the Business, Technology, and Economic Development Workgroup. Alex has received numerous performance awards, including OIG awards for civil monetary penalty enforcement as well as for spearheading a new cybersecurity initiative and investigatory IT solution. He earned a B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of Maryland, College Park, where he was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Fellow. A past associate editor of the Maryland Law Review, Alex holds a J.D. with Honors from the University of Maryland School of Law and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

Placement: Department of Agriculture OIG

Elizabeth Sweetland is an attorney who has worked in the Inspector General community for over 5 years. Her combined service to the military and the civil service spans over 25 years. Her areas of expertise are federal appropriations law, ethics, the Freedom of Information Act, the Federal Tort Claims Act, as well as federal and military criminal law. In 2016, in her capacity as the Assistant Counsel to the Inspector General at the National Science Foundation (NSF), she was awarded the NSF Director’s award for excellence. As an Army Officer in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, she rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. During her military career, she was stationed in Germany, Texas, Saudi Arabia, and at various assignments in the Washington D.C. area. In addition to her extensive experience in the executive branch, she began her legal career working in the judicial branch. She served as a judicial law clerk for one year at the Court of Appeals of Virginia and one year at the Superior Court of Guam. She holds a B.A., with distinction, from the University of Virginia, and a J.D., also from the University of Virginia. During her military career she earned an L.L.M. in military administrative law at the Army Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School.

Placement: Peace Corps OIG

2017 Fellows Cohort Activities

CIGIE Fellows Cohort Activity – Gettysburg Leadership Tour, September 2017

CIGIE Fellows Cohort Activity – Gettysburg Leadership Tour, September 2017

The CIGIE Fellows, along with the Fellows Program Manager, CIGIE Leadership Development Subcommittee (LDS) Chair, and LDS Co-Chair, visited the Gettysburg National Military Park in Gettysburg, PA. The group toured the battlefield with a certified Gettysburg Tour Guide, who provided thought provoking explanations at various sites on the battle of Gettysburg. The Fellows learned about strategy execution and leadership, specifically the consequences of leadership decisions that were made during the battle. Described as the turning point of the civil war, the three-day battle that began on the first day of July 1863 would prove that the proper combination of leadership and skills can be the difference between victory and defeat.

CIGIE Fellows Cohort Activity - CIGIE Leadership Forum, October 2017

CIGIE Fellows Cohort Activity – CIGIE Leadership Forum, October 2017

The CIGIE Fellows attended the 4th Annual CIGIE Leadership Forum at the NASA auditorium in Washington, DC. The forum was welcomed by the Honorable Michael Horowitz, DOJ Inspector General, and the keynote address was provided by the Honorable Paul Martin, NASA Inspector General. The forum featured a presentation on organizational culture by an American University professor, and two panels of Inspectors General and Office of Inspector General (OIG) staff discussing leadership, culture and change in OIGs. Throughout the forum, the Fellows and other attendees asked questions and engaged in discussion about the forum topics of leadership, culture, and change; and, a few of the Fellows had the opportunity to share their Fellowship experiences during a special panel. Closing remarks were provided by Robert Westbrooks, PBGC Inspector General and CIGIE Professional Development Committee Chair. The forum was attended by more than 650 IG professionals, with approximately 200 people attending in-person, as well as more than 450 virtually.

CIGIE Fellows Cohort Activity – IG Case Study in Culture Change, November 2017

After reviewing a case study on culture change at Amtrak OIG, the Fellows had the opportunity to meet with Tom Howard, Amtrak Inspector General, and learn about his experience in leading culture change first-hand. CIGIE Fellows learned about the leadership principles he employed, and still employs, and were able to ask questions and engage in informative discussions with IG Howard.

CIGIE Fellows Cohort Activities – ECQs and 360 Assessments, December 2017

CIGIE Fellows attended an Office of Personnel Management presentation explaining the executive core qualifications (ECQs) for the Senior Executive Service (SES). The presentation detailed the five ECQs and provided information to Fellows regarding how to think critically about leadership development and behaviors, recognize present ECQ proficiency, create a plan to achieve desired ECQ proficiencies, and determine the level of ECQ proficiency appropriate for the Fellows desired result. After the ECQ presentation, the Fellows learned how to interpret and understand their results from OPM’s 360 Leadership Assessment. All twelve of the Fellows were provided a 360 Leadership Assessment as part of the program.