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The CIGIE Leading Inspiring and Fostering Talent Network (LIFT) brings professionals in the oversight community—of all levels and functions—together to learn about topics that are important to the early to mid-level career professionals. LIFT is the product of a young professionals working group sponsored by CIGIE’s Leadership Development Subcommittee in 2020.


About LIFT

Vision | The Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE) Leading, Inspiring, and Fostering Talent (LIFT) Network aspires to develop leaders and a sense of fellowship among early to mid-level career professionals in the federal oversight community.

Mission | The mission of the CIGIE LIFT Network is to inspire, educate, and empower our members by facilitating networking opportunities, providing resources to grow and enhance skills, and helping them navigate their careers in federal oversight.

The LIFT Team

Executive Sponsor 

Rae Oliver Davis (HUD OIG)

Committee Leads

Communications: Mona Mann (NASA OIG)

Events: Natali Dethomas (PBGC OIG) and
              Tiara Grotte (PBGC OIG)

Operations: Sarena Harper (DOD IG)

Regional Operations: Eric Hermosillo (USDA OIG)


Amanda Seese Whelan (DOT OIG)

Ruth Strande (USAID OIG) 

Sarah Gerwin (Peace Corps OIG)

Committee Members

Jennifer Antonetti (DIA OIG)

Liz Bulla (NGA OIG)         

Molly Cox (Commerce OIG)

Tiara Grotte (PBGC OIG) 

Ann Laurence Hart  (HHS OIG)   

Toni Jaffier (DOT OIG)

Manning Kalish (Commerce OIG)

Saif Kalowala (USAID OIG)

Emily Norton (DOT OIG)

Daniel Pitts (Peace Corps OIG)

Dirk Rousseau (USAID OIG)

Irene Sahinidis (DOJ OIG)

Madison Underwood (Peace Corps OIG)

Pam Van Dort (NSF OIG)

Events Information

Upcoming Events

Deputy Inspectors General Panel on September 17, 2020 

Past Events

Events Contact Information