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Human Resource Professional

The Department of Commerce, Office of Inspector General (OIG) is seeking experienced human resources professionals for short‐term, reimbursable details to our agency at its Washington, D.C. headquarters. OIG is in the process of migrating to a shared services platform for HR services. Due to that migration, as well as the recent lapse in government funding and career staff departures, we currently have a backlog in critical hiring actions.

OIG consequently is offering short‐term detail opportunities to assist our existing HR staff with hiring actions during this transition. We seek up to four individuals to fill three‐week non‐renewable details in our agency’s human resources office. Details would be scheduled to begin as soon as possible.

At its discretion, OIG has the authority to offer detailees cash awards of up to $750 for any superior accomplishments during the detail that improve Government operations.

We are seeking individuals with significant expertise in hiring and staffing actions. Detailees would be assisting with various stages of the hiring process, including:

  • confirming that existing position descriptions (PDs) remain accurate or assisting with PD reclassification if changes are needed;
  • completing a job analysis for proposed hiring actions;
  • drafting job opportunity announcements;
  • rating and ranking candidates based on their resumes and supporting documentation;
  • issuing certificates of eligibles to hiring managers;
  • assisting in setting pay by calculating compensation, negotiating with selectees, and advising managers on possible incentive options; and
  • making offers of employment.

Accordingly, interested parties should possess the following qualifications:

  • have experience in the Human Resources Management 0201 job series at the level of GS‐11 or higher;
  • hold a certification from OPM in Delegated Examining Unit procedures;
  • be able to analyze, interpret, and apply human resources regulations and policies when examining candidate qualifications;
  • have familiarity with the Monster Government Solutions System;
  • be skilled at writing and classifying position descriptions; and
  • have experience coordinating with management officials on the development of rating and ranking criteria for assessing job applicants, creating vacancy announcements, rating and ranking applicants, adjudicating veterans preference, and referring candidates on certificates of eligibles.

If you are qualified and interested in this opportunity, please submit your resume and any other relevant qualifications to We would ask that, prior to submitting your application, you receive initial approval from your direct manager and any other members of your agency’s leadership who are required to authorize your potential detail to OIG. As noted above, these will be reimbursable details where OIG compensates the loaning agency for the detail.

Closing Date: 
Friday, May 31, 2019
Department of Commerce
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