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The Leadership and Mission Support Academy (L&MS) serves both the IG specific training needs of the Mission Support personnel within the IG community, but also the IG specific leadership development needs of all OIG personnel.  The mission of the L&MS Academy is to cross business unit lines to promote a CIGIE-wide commitment for professional development and to enhance the professional identity within all OIG disciplines and support elements.

Training Programs


Course Title CPEs
Emerging Leader Program 27
New Leader Program 66
Experienced Leader Program 85.5
  • For students who have taken New Leader and therefore aren't required to attend the first 3 days of Experienced Leader
Managing Up: Skills for the Courageous Follower  16
Leadership Exploration and Development  16
Congressional Update – The New Congress   7
Understanding and Working with Congress  15
Effective Communications Course  21
Principles of Appropriations Law  7

Congressional Update

Description: This 1-day class is intended to explain and analyze the major events that have occurred in the First Session of the current Congress and examine what is likely to occur as Congress finalizes work in the Second Session and prepares for elections in November.

Specific topics may include:

  • Significant legislative accomplishments of the current session of Congress and the anticipated legislative agenda for the remainder of the Second Session
  • An update and analysis of issues concerning the federal budget and FY22 appropriations process
  • A look ahead to potential 2022 election impacts

Audit Peer Review (APR):

Dates Location Tuition Class Number
January 20, 2022 Virtual $349 CU-2201 
March 9, 2022 Virtual $349 CU-2202

Note: Meets Executive Core Qualifications 1 and 5.

CPEs: 7 (1 Day: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)


Understanding and Working with Congress

Description: This is a two-day course designed to enable participants to more effectively represent their programs and policies by gaining a better understanding of the role of Congress with respect to the executive branch in general and their agency in particular.
In addition to sessions on legislative process and the politics of the current Congress, Understanding and Working with Congress includes an in-depth session on how federal managers and employees can more effectively communicate and work with congressional staff. Also featured are suggestions on how to provide information to Congress and guidance on avoiding prohibited practices.

Specific topics may include:

  • Key points and misconceptions about the legislative process
  • Tracking legislative policy issues in Congress
  • Contemporary party politics and leadership
  • Committee dynamics in the current Congress
  • Relations with the executive branch
  • The role of agency congressional affairs offices
  • How to gain access
  • Communicating with staff and developing an on-going working relationship
  • How to provide information to Congress most effectively
  • How to set up productive field visits

Audit Peer Review (APR):

Dates Location Tuition Class Number
May 12-13, 2022 Washington, D.C. $799 UWC-2201

Note: Meets Executive Core Qualifications 1 and 5.

CPEs: 15 (2 Days: 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)