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"A Transformational Journey from Gettysburg"
Senior Leadership Development Experience


Steven B. Wiley & The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg

Program Update

One Week Program for Executives and Senior OIG Leaders

Due to funding cuts in FY 2016 to the Institute, no programs are scheduled for FY 2016.


Program Description

This explosively powerful multimedia experience will forever enhance your insight into leadership, followership and organizational effectiveness. History becomes a metaphor and the battlefields of the Gettysburg National Military Park a classroom as leadership- in a rapidly changing, stressful environment, with limited information and limited resources - is examined. These challenges were present in 1863 are present in your organization today.

Sessions focus on the use of the actionable concepts of transactionaltransformational, and anticipatory leadership, the importance of followership, participation in a leadership measurement instrument with personalized feedback, application of aproblem solving model, team building exercises, and extensive application of these and other leadership concepts to situations and challenges unique to the IG community.

Steven B. Wiley - "The best speaker you've never heard of"- ABC News - leads you on this journey that has positively impacted the bottom lines of his clients by millions of dollars. USA Today/Gannett calls it "The most powerful performance training available."

With 70% of US employees saying that they are "not engaged" or "actively disengaged" at work with the number one reason being the quality of their leadership, this session is one that every leader in the IG community needs to experience.

Value to Participants

Participants will leave with:

  • A greater knowledge of transactionaltransformational and anticipatory leadership styles and when to use them
  • An enhanced insight into their own leadership style and suggestions as how to stretch those styles when necessary
  • A clear understanding of the value of finding their organization's "high ground" (preparing and positioning the organization for success)
  • A realization of the importance of defending their "left flank" (any vulnerabilities if not addressed could result in less than optimal results)
  • An opportunity to be entertained and to learn both intellectually and emotionally through our use of creative historical metaphor
  • A greater knowledge of how to recognize and cultivate the ability to "communicate courageously" through managing disagreement and providing alternative solutions to peers, subordinates and superiors
  • A realization of our dual roles of follower and leader and how we can develop followers as effective partners within our organizations
  • Personalized feedback from a performance relationship measurement instrument
  • A exploration of if it is productive for leaders to ever purposely disobey orders or suggests and the implications this can have on our organizations
  • An examination of Lincoln's leadership style particularly how he managed crisis situations
  • Use of a problem solving model and application to current IG community issues
  • An opportunity to learn from the example of Lincoln key leadership concepts such the importance of critical and pro-active reflection, presenting concise messages and demonstrating compassion for others in times of rapid change, stress characterized by limited information and limited resources

For registration and pricing information please email info@lincolnleadershipinstitute.com or contact The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg at 717-338-9971.


Student Comments

  • Great training. All Federal leaders should be required to take as part of their mentorship/leadership training.
  • This was an outstanding program and I will be sending other staff members! Fascinating historical perspective of the dynamics within a leadership team and how personality, styles and communications impact decisions and results.
  • Valuable training approach utilizing site visits and guest speakers versus typical constant powerpoints, dry speakers and memorizing definitions.
  • Very engaging.
  • Excellent! I will be providing information on this to a friend for her association.
  • I highly recommend this class to anyone in a leadership position or an up-and-coming leader.
  • The presenters were great. Their knowledge and presentation skills made the week valuable for me.
  • Great course. I will approach daily activities differently based on some of the items presented this week.
  • Looking forward to week two!


Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits

The following memorandum may be used for students desiring Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits for The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg training, "A Transformational Journey from Gettysburg":